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Great Potential of “Potential” : Part 1

It is said that while everyone has genius abilities, the average adult uses only about 5% of them but the rest of 95% is kept and unused. We call 95% of unused abilities as the “potential” The ability to use this “potential” is the difference between those who are called “genius” and those who are not. However, it is true that you might not be able to recall the genius of the brain right away.

According to research from David Samuels, Phd of the wiseman Institute, 100,000 to 1 million different chemical reactions occur every minute behind the basic activities of the brain. There are at least 1 trillion neurons in the brain, each of which is interconnected up to 100,000 other neurons. Regarding to how large this bond number is, Dr.Pyotr Anokin of Moscow University said “Because it is too large, if it is represented by a number, a digit of about 10.5 million km of ordinary-sized characters was arranged. There will never be a human who has been able to make full use of the whole brain with such enormous potential, and we cannot know the limits of the power of the infinite brain.”

In other words, the human brain has endless possibilities we can never imagine. There are plenty of other examples that show the potential of the brain.

So how can you use your brain's potential?

It is said that in order to demonstrate the “potential” of the brain, it is necessar to use a “whole brain” with a numerous connection between the right and left brains. The reason that schools from all over the globe spend little time on learning methods is that the whole human race did not know how this brain works.

It was in the 1980s that it became apparent that the functions of the right and left brains were different in the first place, and a study won a Nobel Prize for Professor Roger Sperry of the California Institute of Technology. Later, it was taken over by professor Elan Zaidal of the Universit of California and published some surprising results.

The left and right human brains are connected by a complex bundle of nerve fibers called callosum, but when the kids are born, they are hardly connected. It has been found that if this is intentionally developed by mental activity, a synergistic effect will occur and all activities in the surrounding area will also develop. In other words, it is important to have an environment that stimulates the connection on the corpus callosum that integrates the entire right and left brain.

AND early childhood education is considered the most effective way to develop this WHOLE BRAIN.

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