What is COPEL?

COPEL is one of the Top Brain Education Programs for Early Year originated from Japan

30 Years ago, there were two extreme theories in Japanese and International Social Childcare Education. One extreme theory was left-brain education which advocated ethical-comparative and logic. The other extreme theory is the right brain education which advocated the super right brain training method to speed up the reading skills.

COPEL was found by Professor Nobuyuki Otsubo in Fukuoka as the whole brain early learning 27 years ago to emphasize the argument of those two methods are not the most suitable educational concepts and methods to stimulate entire brain development.
COPEL method was created and somehow entered a scientific era of whole brain education. The brand has set off a wave of revolutionary brain educations in Japan. 27 years later, the concept of whole brain education advocated by COPEL has penetrated many families in Japan and has strongly influenced the concept and methods of parenting in the education sector.

Why Brain Development is Very Important for Young Age?

To answer this question, we, first and foremost, are going to look what happens inside the human brain.

Left and right-brain dominate the different function of total logical brain. As viewed in the picture, left-brain dominates logic, analyzation and language while right-brain dominates imagination, feelings and creativity.

What COPEL does is to encourage the strong connection between left and right brain and to create the perceptive brain so that every child can reach his/her full potential.

Brain Development

It is said that the brain is 100% developed by the age of 12, and its capabilities are determined by the age of 6.

According to Unicef statement, most of brain development happens before a child reaches three years old. Long before many adults even realize what is happening, the brain cells of a new infant proliferate, synapses crackle and the patterns of a lifetime are established. In a short months, children develop their abilities to think and speak, learn and reason and lay the foundation for their values and social behaviour as adults.

Brand Concepts

COPEL is derived from the astronomer named “Copernicus” who advocated the terrestrial theory against the astronomical theory that was common back then. We use COPEL to resemble “Copernicus turn” which changes the perspective of things by 180 degrees, our goal is to realize “Turn from a left-brain society of logic to a whole-brain society of sensitivity and symbiosis through education”. The symbol character is an image of the endangered white bear who lives happily and lovingly, protected by the “caring and peaceful world” desired by COPEL. We aim to create a happy future with smiling face by unraveling the infinite possibilities of children through the best education available nowhere.
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