What Makes COPEL Outstanding From Others?

COPEL Mission

COPEL’s mission is really exquisite. Not only embrace children’s brain intelligence but also social and emotional intelligence. We strongly believe that we can enhance strong logical ability, good memory, curiosity and creativity toward our children. Our children’s imagination is rich with plenty of love and security supported from parents. Altogether with Copel’s teaching methods, children will have an excellent way of thinking and have charismatic character. Then they are fully capable of controling their own lives in the future, decide for themselves the lives they want and have the ability to achieve such a life.

This is the way we create the wonderful world for our children to reach their infinite potential in every aspects of their lives. This is COPEL.

The Best of COPEL's Teaching Aids

Don’t you know COPEL has the world’s most number of teaching methods for brain development?

Over 27 years of research and development the learning materials used in COPEL Classes, there are over 2000 teaching aids and 10,000 flashcards are updated annually. Materials assisting lessons are used for short periods to keep the children engaged with the lesson. One hour lesson utilizes more than a dozen different materials.

COPEL challenges the world’s teaching methods to ask for Guinness World’s record of teaching as the world’s most varieties and most number of teaching aids for early year’s brain development. The amount of learning resources we provide is incomparable with other early childhood education programs.

Never Stop Developing

Learning resources are developed over a 3-month cycle. Researchers test and improve developing materials with students to see what captivates and motivates them the most.

A total of 360,000 researchers and staff have been involved in our research and development of learning resources.

Whole Brain Early Education Turns Kid's Imagination to Brain Superpower

COPEL is originated from Japan 27 years ago and it is considered to be the world’s first early education brand that launched whole brain education. Currently, COPEL’s method has revolutionalized the whole brain education in Japan.

Enjoy the Higher IQ While Children are Having Fun

IQ levels are just one way of measuring a child’s development. According to Japanese National IQ Test, the average of IQ Test score for students attending COPEL for more than two years is 133. Apart from the impressive results, children are having fun participate in the classes as the table is really their own stage.

Japanese Authentic Style with High End Quality of Teaching

COPEL provides high quality learning resources, programs, manuals and a structured system for instructor training to ensure that all learning venters provide the same high level of instruction and customer service.

Parent Classroom and Children Grow Up Together

COPEL provides the suitable environment for parents and children to learn together. The classes are conducted not only for stimulating children’s brain improvement but also all ethics and good morals have to be fulfilled through parents and children at the same time. Here we do not want children to solely have the excellent IQ but we aim every children to access EQ and SQ along with their parents. We believe that to acquire all learning aspects, our children can have infinite potential of everything they pursue in the future.
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