CS broadcast Nikkei CNBC “The world is now” was introduced

In the program, Koper’s efforts are introduced.

First challenge to the birthplace of the US franchise

[Main broadcast] 8/17 (Wed) 20:
50-21 :00 [Rebroadcast] 8/21 (Sun) 22:00-22:10

For more information, please refer to “Program Introduction-The World is Now-JETRO Global Eye | Nikkei CNBC” .

Click here to see how to watch.

Internet distribution on JETRO HP will be available from around 16:00 on Thursday, August 18 the day after the main broadcast day. In-flight screening on Japan Airlines (JAL) international flights will be available from November 1 (Tue) to 30 (Wed) Will be implemented.

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