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“Brain Optimism Circuit” Leading Children’s Success : Part 2

Kenichiro Mogi, a brain scientist who always optimistic, is also studying the “Optimistic circuit”. The optimistic circuit is a brain circuit that optimistically thinks about things as the name implies, but it seems that this circuit allows you to take positive actions for anything.

The state of “Happy” and “Optimistic” states that there is a working brain circuit. This is like a brain engine, and if it doesn’t go well, the whole brain circuit won’t work. Additionally, to feel happy, it is important to do something for someone. Regarding to the brain activity’ s experiments, it become obvious that “the behavior of others feeling joy” actually leads to their own joy”.

Mr.Mogi also states that “from the perspective of brain science, it is true that people can change. Accepting yourself as you are and be optimistic can grow the optimistic circuit of brain. With these experiments, we can imply that giving your children confidence by teaching them to be bright, happy and optimistic so that not only stress does not cause brain fatigue, but also that leads to children ‘s success.

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