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Great Potential of “Potential” : Part 2

As “power of the whole brain can be seen in the success of great people”, I would like to look
back at history how great people used the whole brain to perform using their potential abilities.

Einstein, one of the genius the whole world can have at all time, was dim on a hill meadow on
a summer day, imagining that he would travel to the end of the universe on the sun’s rays coming in
through his eyelashes, his imagination changed the way people think about spaces by discovering a logical
explanation based on new images and completing the theory of relativity.

His discovery was definitely due to his potential!

Leonardo da Vinci is another example of the great potential of using full potential of the brain. He is one of the most achievement person of all time in various fields such as painting, sculpture, general science, architecture, machinery, anatomy, physics, meteorology, geology, engineering and aeronautics.

What else does Leonardo da Vinci excel?

It is surprisingly that no matter what stringed instruments he was given, he was able to compose and play a beautiful piece of music on the spot.

Isn't that amazing?

Even this seemingly impossible is possible enough. Every human being has brain potential. “This child is talented in this area, but not in other areas” is stereotyping. The truth is every human has a genius ability that he has not used yet. Even the possibilities of children are endless. The bottom line is always recognize, listen and give lots of affection to children. As a result, they will bloom their genius beyond parents’ expectation.

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